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We are ONE of the largest and most advanced manufacturers of wire harness and cable
assemblies worldwide delivering cost-effective solutions for your electrical system needs

In addition to our wire harness/cable assembly manufacturing capabilities,
we also manufacture automated through-hole, BGA, and surface assembly populated circuit boards.

As an added service to our customers, we offer manufacturing of instrument panels and
thermoform decorative and critical surface finishes built to exact customer specifications.

We are not just a wire harness/cable assembly company. We strive to be experts in the wiring needs of our customer's end products.

We offer an exceptional value proposition combining high quality products, competitive prices, and best-in-class engineering expertise.

After over 40 years in
business we have become experts in many markets.

Our multiple facilities position us to deliver the right solutions at the right price.

Our passion for service is built to deliver
competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and solid
business performance.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The success we have achieved with the

support of everyone at Kauffman Engineering has surpassed our expectations.
Thank you.”

"We have learned a hard

lesson for our experience

“Kauffman Engineering resolves design and production

price without value is no bargain. Kauffman Engineering is leading us through this recovery, and things are looking better already.”

changes through in-house engineering expertise.”


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