We can cut and assemble almost any type of flexible tubing. Our experienced production teams can cut tubing to within .05 inches in length.

These can be supplied as cut lengths or made into a custom tubing assembly with various ”Y“, ”T“ or elbows as your design requires. We also have the ability to get custom tools and adapters for any type of flexible tubing assembly. Our leads times are some of the best in the industry and full test certs can be supplied.


We manufacture Medical and Food grade tubing assemblies using industry leading brands. We have numerous automated and semi-automated machines to produce assemblies with 100% accuracy.


We also specialize in precise cuts of all different types of tubing up to 95 durometer. Our equipment can cut with tolerances up to a few hundredths of an inch depending on length. All tubing work is done in a clean environment and packaged or sterilized per customer requirements.

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